Recipe: Jello Shots

Recipe: Jello Shots

This whole project came about because one of our friends was having a house warming party…with a twist. The party was an “Around the World” party as well. People were designated a room in the house and picked a country. We were given a budget and told to provide some kind of cocktail relative to the country. 

So Kristi and I decided to choose Britain. This choice was solely based on the fact that I had some bunting, a pillow, and old tea tins in the shape of British flags. We decided that since we wanted the biggest bang for our budget- we could make Jello shots in the colors of British Flag. Brilliant! 

The next task was to make the Jello shots. (we had high hopes of creating the shape of the British Flag …never came to fruition on that one.) I figured you just make Jello according to the recipe and add booze. NOPE

So you start off with your ingredients: Jello, Vodka, small plastic cups, & water

Next you add 2 parts vodka to 1 part water (we used 6 cups vodka 3 cups water) into a large bowl and chilled. We put ours in freezer for about 20 min. the mixture needs to be cold for when you add the hot jello mixture. 

Then make each color of jello as according to the box.

Next place all your little cups. 

 The never ending CUPS!

Then you start adding in the CHILLED vodka mixture to each cup. About a shot each (we just eyeballed it about 1/3 of a cup.) 

Then you start adding the hot jello mixture! 

I think someone was hoping we were spilling the vodka!! Cheeky Bodhi

Then you put them in frigde over night to set! 

I swear our fridge usually has normal food in it! haha

I checked them in the morning! They were Jello! Nice and firm. YAHOO!

Kristi and I were worried that since we used…bottom shelf vodka that it would severely change the taste. But they tasted very good! I was pleased and happy we didn’t spend a ton on the alcohol. We ended up with about 140 jello shots. 

Try this out for youself and your next wild party. You won’t be disappointed

love, tasty treats xo 


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