hello there!

 love, Rachel 

All about loving each day of your life

Taking in the beauty of our world through travel and photography

Trying to leave the world a better place each night before you go to sleep

Making sure the people you love know it. 

Hello! I’m Rachel. Portland, Oregon native. Recently became to Mrs to the love of my life. Lover of laughter & smiles. Will eat any Asian foods. Lust after beautiful clothes and all pretty things. Have one brother, Sam & one cat, Winston.  Prefer warm to cold, unless its ice cream. Love (LOVE) the ocean and all that comes with it- sand-swimsuits-sunglasses-etc. Proclaimed Playlist-Making Queen.  Boston Red Sox Nation member. Usually behind the camera lens. Love capturing moments with people I adore. Not sure where I’ll end up, but I do know I will make the best of it.