time to play catch up.

time to play catch up.

sorry followers…internet on the island was pretty expensive so we didnt have time to write on the blog. so here is what has been happening since i last wrote..

we left rome and the shuttle dropped us off at 6am. our flight was at 12. so we had a nice long wait in the rome airport…ugh. we got on our flight to ibiza and it was one of the coolest flights i have been on… we flew over sardinia and the other spanish islands and it was a beautiful clear day so it was pretty amazing to see. and dont worry i took pictures from the plane.

then we got to ibiza and the weather was amazing. sunny clear and warm. we got to our hotel and felt like we were in the wrong place because we could see the ocean and the huge pool at our hotel room from our balcony. haha and did i mention we were paying $11 a night? hahha so we felt pretty spoiled.

the weather the next few days wasn’t perfect there was a storm overnight so the air as a little colder but still good for walking around and exploring the island. we found that food in spain was pretty cheap too haha so we had some great meals.

then the last 2 days in ibiza were gorgeous. we sat by the pool all day and got tan and would go for sunset walks along the ocean. absolutely amazing end to the whirlwind trip.

we are now back in london. and stayed with my friend stuart for 2 nights. it was good to see him. and he was a good host. now we are catching the train back to mikes to see mike and tom and iain for our last night…. then off to heathrow to head back to chicago…

i am sad to leave europe and i will miss it… but i am looking forward to spending halloween in missoula with friends and getting back to my life in portland. its been a wild ride and we appreciate everyone keeping tabs on us!

i will be posting some post trip thoughts and keep updating you on life and of course adding pictures soon so check back!

love you all and miss everyone…but im coming home!


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