follow your bliss.

follow your bliss.

i like having a blog for many reasons… one being that i can look back and remember real moments and emotions i was feeling. i can see how i’ve grown. and the path i’m taking.

lately, lots of little moments in my daily life have been reminding me of europe. i think it’s probably pretty clear by now that i am absolutely in love with europe. i get this feeling of complete bliss when i think about it. and i miss it everyday.

i know most people would say…”well move there, make it happen rach” but it’s not that easy. and after evaluating the whole situation. i have come to the realization that there are so many things here that i would miss too.

my friends
my family
summer with people i love
a great new job

things are amazing here and i dont want to leave this behind.

but looking thru pictures, reading old quotes and remember emotions makes me miss that

complete bliss

i am happy i even got a taste of what just being happy and having no cares feels like! and it’s great… and i know i will get back to that place… and i am working towards making that a feeling i have everyday.

it is a nice feeling knowing you are content with the path you are taking. like maybe you chose the right one. and that is important.

and with that i am off to bed. with a smile on my face 🙂

can’t wait to have a lovely weekend in the beautiful portland spring weather! should be a good one. i’ll let you know what trouble we get into!

love, following my bliss. xx


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