my mind is running 100 miles per hour these days. the weirdest part about everything is that i feel like i don’t really get anything accomplished. haha i have so many little tasks to get done before my trip and i have too much time to think to get anything done.

so first off my trip to the west coast. as you saw the pictures last night. was incredible. ahh i know i where i need to be. west coast-best coast 🙂 it is such a sigh of relief to feel that feeling of belonging somewhere. i loved it. and i miss it already. i’m ready to get back after europe and let life begin. mmm but california …wow the beauty is incomprehensible. it seemed like even though we had some disagreements and a few roadblocks..things couldn’t have turned out more perfectly for a family roadtrip. the pictures are breathtaking and i was so happy to spend time with my dad and sam-it had been awhile since the last lloyd family roadtrip. love you both
“i give you guys props. god bless” hahahahahaha

big sur, california coastlinesam on the bird beach- gross.seagulls on manhattan beach, californiamanhattan beach, californiaso now back in chicago. which is good -time to get things handled before life steps in. got to clean the car, pack my life, and then go to europe….in 11 days. the trip is coming along nicely. got my backpack, walking shoes, and some nice nike gear (thanks to the sprunks. love you guys) booked our first place to stay in london (weird) and then the rest is history. i tried packing my backpack once. hahah failed miserably. my next attempt is in the near future. haha luckly i think i am going with a little more money then i planned. more $ for presents! haha well i should get to bed. after my goldenrod taffy (compliments of york beach, me) mmmps- missing all of you in york beach. i think about you guys all the time 🙂 zzzzz night all


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