kiss me i’m irish.

kiss me i’m irish.

i think you know you are in the right place when this situation happens…

** coming into customs for ireland**
the customs guy says to us ” so are you here on holiday (vacation)?”
we say ” yes we are visiting”
he says ” are you going to cause any trouble?”
we say ” no not at all”
he says ” well what kind of holiday would it be without causing trouble? you guys are lame.”
we smile and say ” well we can cause all the trouble you want us to cause. just give us your name and number in case we get sent to jail…my mom wont want that phone call”

haha and we were off into ireland hit the ground running. spent the past few days in dublin…honestly not quite what i had in mind. very busy. very cosmopolitan. very crowded. very touristy. but it does have some pretty good places to go out at night 😉 and lots of cute boys. dont worry we are staying out of trouble. but we have had a few “kiss me i’m irish” cat calls. haha we are going to galway on tuesday which should be beautiful. then we are off to rome for 6 nights! and we had a small change in plans for the trip. after rome we are heading to ibiza for the last 3 nights. which is an island off the coast of spain. horrible i know 🙂 how will we survive?

oh well its off to bed for me. hope everyone is doing well. we miss you all.

night night x


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