adventure awaits

adventure awaits

the day is here. the wait is over. my next adventure is ready for me.

i of course, was too excited to get much sleep last night. tossing and turning thinking of how i got to this point. how did all of these pieces come together. how did i get so lucky.

with so many questions- one thing remained true. i am so grateful. i shake my head in disbelief each time the thought crosses my mind of the reality that is in front of me.

thank you to each and every person who has been part of this opportunity. my family, my friends- you have no idea how much this means. all the support, encouragement, the advice, the listening and the smiles. this trip wouldn’t be the same without all of your love. i will carry you all with me each step of the way.

i am ready to jump. cross the pond. with my eyes and heart wide open. 

love, olympic dreams


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