days are long, but the years are short

days are long, but the years are short

i’ve sat here ready to post quite a few times in the past couple weeks. for some reason i just decide against it.

lately, my head and my heart are going in 100 different directions. i am feeling very indecisive and spontaneous. both can be intriguing, yet risky characteristics. i would say my indecisiveness leads me to be spontaneous. i can’t make up my mind so i make a last minute, not-thought-out brash decision. but in my own defense- i live by that choice and give it all i have. i make it the right choice- no matter what.

some of these last chance efforts have turned into beautiful chaos, yet others have been heart wrenching life lessons. either way at the end of the day i can still move forward, happy, and eager to continue seeing what is out in this great world.

below are some of my latest adventures:

pike place market flowers, Seattle WA

Vegas with my loves

Opening Day, Safeco Field, Seattle WA

Sunday night drive to the Oregon Coast to see the sunset, the Secret Spot OR

The Secret Spot, OR

Hiking to Triple Falls, Columbia River Gorge OR

Our own paradise, Triple Falls OR

there are two BIG bucket list adventures coming up… stay tuned.

love, following my heart- even at the last minute xo


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