addicted to the thrill.

addicted to the thrill.

unexpected surprises have been around every turn lately. its nice to feel home finally. i forgot how comfortable i feel when i’m with my friends. i think being around them and being able to be me is such an invigorating feeling. don’t get me wrong. i loved living at the beach this summer and i loved montana…and i’ll be back for halloween…but this feels like home to me.

i’m off this weekend to california…one of my favorite places to see my family i havent seen in years. it will be a nice getaway like old times with dad and sam. we used to take long road trips and just see where we ended up – when sam and i were younger and they were some of my favorite times. i am excited to take another one years later… i’ll post pictures when i get home.

20 days until europe. i’ll update you on my travel plans when i return to chicago. i’m trying to take in everything in portland while i’m here.

ps- power washing is not as easy as it looks. 🙂

pss- i went to the oregon coast. im sorry the west coast is just better than the east 🙂

have a safe weekend everyone


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