half a point in london (inside joke)

half a point in london (inside joke)

so day 2 in london. another fun filled day wandering in london. we ended up in the british museum for a couple hours. we saw the rosetta stone, the ancient greek statues from the parthenon and mummies from egypt. pretty insane.

we also strolled around camden town which for those of you in portland is equivalent to if saturday market had its own city. its full of ‘ interesting’ people as well as miles and miles of booths and tents and vendors. it was a maze of cool stuff. then we walked thru the food booths. trying to decide from morrocan thai chinese american mexican spanish food options. addie had a hamburger. julie and i went with thai.

then we ended the night back at the hostel..which has a bar in the bottom. we started the night thinking we just wanted a few drinks to help us sleep better with people coming in and out of the room. needless to stay we stayed a little longer because a dj showed up and was playing ‘funky beats’ haha great night. haha we didnt wake up until 12 the next day haha oh well. so now we are off to tower bridge and harrods todays. then tomorrow we get on the train into the english countryside.

its still beautiful weather in london. 70 and clear skies. we are lucky girls.

we miss everyone! check back soon!


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