with mike :)

with mike :)

so yesterday we ended up going to tower bridge and the tower of london. it ended up being addie and julies favorite place we saw in london. im sure it helped that the weather was perfect and we had slept until 1 am. after my hangover had passed. haha

then we wanted to go to harrods but we ended up at the modern art museum instead. we saw picasso and my faaaaaavorite the lily pads by monet. ahh so amazing. then we headed back to the hostel and showered and went off to piccadilly circus which is like the times square of london. tons of people, clubs, theathers, restaurants…etc. so good. we found a mexican restaurant and had a nice dinner. we caught the tube back to the hostel around 11 pm. then we drank downstairs in the bar until we were bombarded with too many requests for dance partners. so we ended up heading upstairs because we had to wake up early to check out of the hostel and catch the train to see mike.

we are now with mike in bottlesford… a cute little town in england. it is exactly what you would think of if you pictured it in your head. his house has a little garden and brick building. i am in love with it. he is making us dinner tonight and we will go out in the town with his friends. then tomorrow we are heading to stonehenge with mike and going to meet up with iain 🙂 and spend the day with him and mike. its nice to be out of the city and in the countryside. i love it here. the girls are doing very good too. nice to be in a house with friends. its been great so far. check back soon.

missing everyone x


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