Weekend in the Bay- Day 2…recovery.

Weekend in the Bay- Day 2…recovery.

Day two- is always the recovery day. You get so excited to just be in a new place with people you love- you get caught up in the whirlwind 😉

So Sunday was a little more low-key. Thank baby Jesus. 

We slept in a little later- and finally pulled ourselves out of bed and ready to take in some sunshine. Karla took us to this darling little beach town called Capitola. We had lunch practically IN the sand on the beach and then had a little walk around the town…with stops for cupcakes and taffy of course! 

Next we hopped back into the car and headed to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk- in all my time spent in California, I haven’t ever made it to the iconic boardwalk- the girls got their favorite frozen treats and we walked around and found a little bench to take in the sun for awhile. 

another successful day in the sunshine with my best friends. can’t get too much better. 

Love, new places with loved faces xx


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