Final day- Weekend in the Bay- goodbyes

Final day- Weekend in the Bay- goodbyes

as you can see- the weekend in the bay was quite successful. we had too much fun, laughed too hard and slept too little. 

at the end of the weekend Kristi and i had a long 11 hour drive home- in which we made the last minute choice- we were taking the coastal route- Highway 101 here we come.

now if you haven’t ever driven up the coast- there aren’t words to describe the natural beauty along the way. its enchanting. 

the valleys with grapes and vineyards
the forests with the tallest trees
the cliffs with blue waves crashing at the edge of the continent

you have to see if to believe it- here are the photos we managed to get off along the way. 

love, travel adventures until the very last moment xxo


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