slow it down.

slow it down.

of all the people to say it… i am glad things have started to slow down. life is getting into cruise control, and i have to say- i kinda like it.

the month of august was go go go. and we have just crashed into my favorite time of year! fall… mmm… time to get out the sweaters, the scarves, the pumpkin spice lattes and football!

i really love the fall. love the colors. love the smell. love the whole dang thing! 🙂 it also means holiday season. which means friends coming home and seeing all the old faces. i just can’t wait.

august had me all over the place.. seattle-twice, (good thing i love you boys so much) a labor day weekend amongst giants with julie, and the beach to spend one last weekend with kiki as a portlander.

all in all it was a great month and a nice way to round out a great summer.

here are a few pics of my august.

it feels good to be surrounded by people who i love and feel like i’m always laughing. not a tough life i must say. i am very lucky… lets hope september can keep up!
love, happy girl xx

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